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Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill - Hand Mill Review

Sunshine Nugget Hand Grain Mill wheat grinder


  • $170
  • Recommended Package: (coming soon)
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Hopper Capacity: 4 cups
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Can Be Motorized: Yes
  • Metal Burrs: Optional ($70), Stainless Steel
  • Stone Burrs: Yes
  • Coarseness Settings: Very Fine to Cracked Cereal
  • Mounting: Optional Single Clamp ($20), or Bolt to Table
  • Handle Length: 10 inches
  • Where Made: USA
  • Manufacture Website:
  • Availability: Very few kitchen stores and websites carry these mills, they are always available straight from Nazko.

My Overview & Opinion:

(Overview will be coming soon)


The Sunshine Nugget hand grain mill has a 3 inch wide mounting base with a single clamp (sold separately for $20) that holds OK to the end of a counter or table (2 inches thick or less). The single clamp can also be removed so that you can bolt it to a surface, if desired.

The single clamp mount does not hold as good as I would like. It wobbles some when cranking the handle and may come a little loose when milling several cups of grain (The double clamp of the Wonder Junior and Uni-Ark Special grain mills hold much better). The mount knob is easy to tighten and loosen, with plenty of room to get a good grip on the knob.

I also like the swivel head on this clamp is quite large and thick, much like the ones found on the Wonder Junior (not found on many other hand mills in this price range). The clamp bolt is thick and heavy duty and which should keep it from stripping out.

I do have two issues with the clamp knob design on this grain mill. Not only does it not have a double mount system but the mount base is not wide enough for my liking. These are not big issues but just some pet peeves I have about this mount.

IMGP6607 - mount IMGP6613 - mount IMGP6628---mount

Milling Heads:

The Sunshine Nugget grain mill comes with stone milling heads and have the option stainless steel burr heads (sold separately for $70), which do not rust. You can interchange them depending on your needs and preference.

The stone burrs can produce supper fine pastry like flour or courser flour out of most any dry, non-oily grains. The Stone burrs are more efficient and easier to use than the stainless steal burrs when milling dry grains. The inside stone burr has a plastic backing that helps protect them from cracking. This plastic backing is not as good as the Wonder Juniors metal backing but it is much better than not having a backing like the Retsel Uni-Ark's inside stone burr (which is very fragile)

The stainless steal burrs, though slower, are more versatile than stone burrs are. The stainless steel burrs will produce fine flour to cracked cereal like texture. The major advantage of stainless steal burrs is that you can mill more than just dry grains. The stainless steal burrs allow you to also mill oily grains, nuts, seeds, coffee beans, soybeans, and more...

For grinding peanuts into peanut butter, this grain mill actually does it slightly better than other grain mills. Having said that, it is still some what poor performance for making peanut butter (as most grain mills are).

I have not heard of many people wearing out their stone burrs, unless they were over motorizing it, but I would recommend getting a second set if you plan on using this mill on a regular basis. The Stainless steel burrs should last forever plus some.

I do like the knob design for tightening and loosening the burrs. It is easy to get a hold of with your whole hand making it easy to turn and adjust, much better than the Lehman's grain mill. One thing I do not like about the knob is that it has 3 washers on it (to get the right spacing) which could be easy to loose. I would suggest getting a few extra washers of similar size, just in case.

I also do not like that the pins that hold the burrs in place are made of plastic. If one of these pins were to break, the burrs may not stay in place properly during milling.

IMGP6627---heads IMGP6566---mount IMGP6623---head IMGP6622---head IMGP6621---head IMGP6601---head

Grain Hopper:

The Sunshine Nugget grain mill has a 4 cup capacity hopper that is about 4 1/2 inches wide. This is about half the Capacity size of the Country living, Wonder Junior, and Lehman grain mills but the same size of the Sunshine Nugget mill and twice as big as the Back-To-Basics mill. Being a smaller size means that you will have to fill it more often when milling larger quantities of grain. The hopper is wide enough that filling it is not easy to do with out making a mess. The Hopper is solid and part of the mill mold so you don't have to worry about it falling off when full of grain (unlike the Lehman, Family Grain Mill, and Back-To-Basics grain mills).

Grain Auger & Bearings:

(Coming Soon)

Mill Body:

This is a fairly attractive mill, in my opinion. I do like the look of some of the other more expensive hand grain mills much more than this mill.

The mold of this mill is made of Cast Aluminum making it very tough and secure. It also has a food grade powder coat to make easy to clean, more sanitary, and gives it a nice look.

(Stem design info coming soon)

What Can I Mill?:

(coming soon)

What Can't It Mill?:

With the 2 interchangable milling heads, stone heads and stainless steal burr heads, you can mill a large variety of things with the Sunshine Nugget grain mill. You can mill all small dry grains and dry beans. You can also mill nuts for nut butters, flax seeds or any other oily or wet grains or seeds, herbs and spices, soy beans, coffee beans and more...

For grinding peanuts into peanut butter, this grain mill does not do as good as the Retsel Uni-Ark Special mill. Having said that, both mills have some what poor performance for making peanut butter (as most grain mills are). Many people use a pusher to move the nuts though better.

See list below for a more complete list (not all millable items are listed below, but it is a fairly good list of what the Sunshine Nugget grain mill can mill).

Grains & Rice

  • Wheat (Hard and Soft)
  • Buckwheat
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Millet
  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Dried Field Corn
  • Triticale
  • Rice
  • Sorghum (Milo)


  • Soybeans
  • Dried Pinto Beans
  • Dried Mung Beans
  • Dried Green Beans
  • Coffee Beans
  • Split Peas
  • Chick Peas



  • Sesame Seeds
  • Flax Seed
  • Sunflower Seeds



  • Nuts (all types)
  • Peanuts


Cleanliness & Cleaning:

(coming soon)

Motorizing & Alternative Power:

(coming soon) for Electric Motor and bike powered.

Replacement Parts & Add-ons:

(coming soon)

Additional Photos:

IMGP6566 IMGP6577 IMGP6597 IMGP6603 IMGP6595 IMGP6593 IMGP6614 IMGP6599 IMGP6568---mount IMGP6602 IMGP6616 IMGP6581


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Additional Resources:

(More Resources will be coming soon)

Nazko official website

Manufactures Description

The Nugget is manufactured in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and marketed around the world.

Over 30 years of research and development have gone into its advanced design. The one piece cast metal body makes it simple and strong.

The Nugget is a top quality mill - don't be misled by cheap imitations.

Your survival could depend on having a superior product like the Nugget.

Top Quality Features

  • The Nugget's superior design and high quality grinding stones give you fine flour the first pass through the mill. It can be easily adjusted to produce any consistency between very fine flour and coarse cereal.
  • The Sunshine Nugget has an attractive finish that gives it a great appearance in any kitchen, and allows for easy cleaning as well.
  • The entire mill can be cleaned by removing one screw, taking the rotating stone off and simply brushing out the milling chamber.
  • The grain hopper is over one quart in capacity and is a permanent part of the mill's one piece design - no need to worry about accidental grain spills during grinding.
  • A pan fits easily under the stones to catch the flour as it is milled, with no need for special apparatus or aprons to funnel the flour.
  • The Nugget has been designed with special bearings that extend the life of the mill by eliminating excessive wear of the drive shaft. This design also allows the Nugget to be attached to your own electric motor or exercise machine for even easier use. Just remove the handle and attach a 12" to 14" pulley wheel - the milling shaft has already been modified with a keyway for easy hookup.