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Lehman’s Hand Grain Mill - Hand Mill Review

Lehman's hand grain mill wheat grinder


  • Average Cost: $170
  • Recommended Package: (coming soon)
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty on body and a 1-year warranty on burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 5 cups
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Can Be Motorized: No
  • Metal Burrs: Yes, cast iron
  • Stone Burrs: Not Available
  • Coarseness Settings: Very Fine to Cracked Cereal
  • Mounting: Single Clamp to Table
  • Handle Length: 10 inches
  • Where Made: USA
  • Manufactures Website:
  • Availability: I have only found these mills available straight from Lehman's.

My Overview & Opinion:

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The Lehman's hand grain mill has a 3 inch wide mounting base with a single clamp that holds OK to the end of a counter or table (2 inches thick or less). The single clamp system is part of the mill body and cannot be removed for bolting it to a surface, unless you saw the mount off (not recommended or easy to do).

The single clamp mount does not hold as good as I would like. It wobbles some when cranking the handle and may come a little loose when milling several cups of grain (The double clamp of the Wonder Junior and Retsel Uni-Ark Special grain mills hold much better). The mount knob is easy to tighten and loosen, with plenty of room to get a good grip on the knob.

I am not a fan of the clamp knob design on this grain mill. Not only does it not have a double mount system but the mount base is not wide enough for my liking. The clamp screws are kind of loose fitting on the clamp, which can possibly strip out with lots of use (this is common with many of the hand mills in this price range). The mount is thick but it is made of aluminum and I could see this cracking over the years of mounting pressure. These are not big issues but just some pet peeves I have about this mount.

IMGP6180 IMGP6219 IMGP6178

Milling Heads:

The Lehman's grain mill comes with only cast iron burr heads (which do rust if not properly cared for). They used to have stone burrs available (as seen in the photos below) but they decided to do away with them. They claim the reason discontinuing the stone burrs is grit in the flour. I have been using stone burrs for a long time now and have not noticed grit in my flour (I prefer the stone burrs for dry grains because they are faster and easier to use).

The cast iron burrs, though slower, are more versatile than stone burrs are. The cast iron burrs will produce fine flour to cracked cereal like texture. These cast iron burrs actually do a tad bit better than the Wonder Junior and Retsel steel burrs with dry grains but do not come close to their stone burrs performance. The major advantage of metal burrs is that you can mill more than just dry grains. The cast iron burrs allow you to also mill oily grains, nuts, seeds, coffee beans, soybeans, and more...

For grinding peanuts into peanut butter, this grain mill does not do as good as the Retsel Uni-Ark Special mill. Having said that, both mills have some what poor performance for making peanut butter (as most grain mills are). It has an optional Wooden Stomper ($5) that can be used to push the nuts though better.

The cast iron burrs should last forever plus some, so I would not worry about needing to replace them.

I do not like the knob design for tightening and loosening the burrs. Because the knob is so close to the burrs, you can not get a hold of with your whole hand making it hard to turn and adjust, many of the other mills in this price range are easier to tighten and loosen. This is not big issue but just apet peeve I have about this knob design.

IMGP6210 IMGP6209 IMGP6206 IMGP6205 IMGP6204 IMGP6191

Grain Hopper:

The Lehman's grain mill has a 5 cup capacity hopper that is about 5 3/4 inches wide. Capacity is a little bigger than the Country living and Wonder Junior grain mills but twice as big as the Uni-Ark grain mill. Being a larger size means that you will not have to fill it as often when milling larger quantities of grain. The hopper is wide enough that filling it is not easy to do with out making a mess. The hopper is plastic and slides onto the top of the mill. This can be an issue if a full hopper gets bumped of by you or a child, not a fun mess to clean up.

Grain Auger & Bearings:

The grain auger is made of plastic, despite what they say about plastic parts in there sales video. With all the pressure that is put on the auger, I imagine it would be prone to issues with lots of use. (More Coming Soon)

Mill Body:

This is a decently attractive grain mill, not one of my favorite looking mill though. The mold of this mill is made of Cast Aluminum making it very tough and secure. It also has a food grade powder coat to make easy to clean, more sanitary, and gives it a nice look.

(Stem design info coming soon)

What Can It Mill?:

you can mill a large variety of things with the Lehman's grain mill. You can mill all small dry grains and dry beans. You can also mill nuts for nut butters, flax seeds or any other oily or wet grains or seeds, herbs and spices, soy beans, coffee beans and more...

For grinding peanuts into peanut butter, this grain mill does not do as good as the Retsel Uni-Ark Special mill. Having said that, both mills have some what poor performance for making peanut butter (as most grain mills are). Many people use the optional Wooden Stomper ($5) to move the nuts though faster.

See list below for a more complete list (not all millable items are listed below, but it is a fairly good list of what the Lehman's grain mill can mill).

Grains & Rice

  • Wheat (Hard and Soft)
  • Buckwheat
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Millet
  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Dried Field Corn
  • Triticale
  • Rice
  • Sorghum (Milo)


  • Soybeans
  • Dried Pinto Beans
  • Dried Mung Beans
  • Dried Green Beans
  • Coffee Beans
  • Split Peas
  • Chick Peas



  • Sesame Seeds
  • Flax Seed
  • Sunflower Seeds



  • Nuts (all types)
  • Peanuts


Cleanliness & Cleaning:

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Motorizing & Alternative Power:

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Replacement Parts & Add-ons:

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Additional Photos:

IMGP6182 IMGP6190 IMGP6200 IMGP6192 IMGP6197 IMGP6217 IMGP6215 IMGP6183 IMGP6202 IMGP6199 IMGP6196 IMGP6194


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Additional Resources:

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Lehman's official website

Manufactures Description:

Grinds any grain, nut, seed, or bean
Long-lasting, cast iron burrs can grind just about anything.

Grinds finer than similar hand mills
Machined cast iron burrs grind all dry grains plus oily materials like soybeans, peanuts (peanut butter), coffee beans, sesame seeds (tahini) and some spices and small herbs.

Easy to adjust
Adjusts from powder-fine to coarse with a turn of a knob.

Bronze bearing hardened stainless steel shaft, double-ribbed handle and dent-proof plastic hopper.