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Family Living Hand Grain Mill - Hand Mill Review


  • Average Cost: $140
  • Recommended Package: (coming soon)
  • Warranty: 5 year warranty
  • Hopper Capacity: 5 cups
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Can Be Motorized: Yes, with optional motor base ($175).
  • Metal Burrs: Yes, Stainless Steel
  • Stone Burrs: No
  • Coarseness Settings: Medium to Cracked Cereal, fine flour if you run it through twice.
  • Mounting: Double Clamp, or Bolt to Table
  • Handle Length: 6 inches
  • Where Made: Germany
  • Manufactures Website:
  • Availability: These mill are found at a few kitchen stores and websites, not as available as some of the more popular mills though.

My Overview & Opinion:

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Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Review Sense


The Family Living hand grain mill has a 5 inch wide mounting base with a single clamp that holds very securely and easily to the end of a counter or table (2 inches thick or less). This mill is made to clamp on only, not made for bolting to a surface unless you made some custom modifications. Even though it is a single clamp system, it holds tight enough that the grain mill will not wobble very much (unlike most single clamp systems used on Sunshine Nugget and Lehman's grain mills).

The clamp is basically a C-clamp modified. Since this is such a light weight mill, this seems to work good. One thing I do not like about this mount is that the nob is so small that it can be a little bit of a pain to tighten, not a big deal though.

Milling Heads:

The Family Living grain mill only comes with small cone-shaped stainless steel burr heads (which do not rust), much like the mill burrs in the Back-to-Basics grain mill. These stainless steal burrs will produce medium flour to cracked cereal like texture.

It can mill small dry grains and many small oily grains and seeds. This mill can not mill large items like beans and nuts because of its size. This mill says it can do corn but I would not do popcorn kernels, from my experience it can ruin this mill.

This mill can mill flour quite fast but this is partially due to the fact that it is not all that fine of flour texture. To get finer flour, you must dump the flour back in the hopper to run it through a second time. This can be a mess and kind-of an annoying step for me to do. After running the flour though twice, you are not really saving any time or you may be loosing time depending on how long it takes you to dump it back in.

I do like the knob design for adjusting the burrs. Not only is it easy to turn but it has lines to help you get the right flour texture from the beginning.

One thing about this mill is that the teeth of the burrs rub against each other which could get dull after a while. You may want to get a replacement set of burrs ($36).

Grain Hopper:

The Family Living grain mill has a 5 cup capacity hopper that is about 6 inches wide. Capacity is a little bigger than the Country living and Wonder Junior grain mills but twice as big as the Uni-Ark grain mill. Being a larger size means that you will not have to fill it as often when milling larger quantities of grain. The hopper is wide enough that filling it is not easy to do with out making a mess. The hopper is plastic and slides onto the top of the mill. This can be an issue if a full hopper gets bumped of by you or a child, not a fun mess to clean up.

Grain Auger & Bearings:

The grain auger is made of plastic and with all the pressure that is put on the auger, I imagine it would be prone to durability issues with lots of use. (More Coming Soon)

Mill Body:

This is not that attractive of a grain mill in my opinion, in-fact I find it a little goofy looking. It does not look as goofy when it is on the motor base though.

This mill is made mostly of plastic which leave lots of possible issues of durability. Because it is made mostly of plastic, it does clean up quite easy and with little effort.

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What Can It Mill?:

you can mill a large variety of things with the Family Living grain mill, but not as much as some of the more versatile mills on the market (for instance, the Uni-Ark Special mill and Wonder Junior mill). You can mill all small dry and oily grains or seeds. You can not also mill nuts or large items like beans. This mill says it can mill corn but I would not recommend milling popcorn kernels, from my experience it can ruin this mill.

(I am working on a list of the most common items it can grind).

Cleanliness & Cleaning:

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Motorizing & Alternative Power:

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Replacement Parts & Add-ons:

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Additional Resources:

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Cris Enterprises Inc, Family Living official website

Manufactures Description


Quality: Manufactured in Germany for 35 years by Messerschmidt. Built with premium Lexan and hardened surgical steel burrs. This is a durable grain mill capable of a lifetime of dependable use. Adjustable from fine to coarse.

Easy Set up: Compact Storage:

The grain mill will fit on either base with a twist of the wrist. The motor base is free-standing. The hand base quickly and securely clamps onto a counter edge, without slipping. marring your counter top. Easy to store in your without taking up much room.

Cool Grind:

The mill steel burrs grind low temperature frictionless milling, avoiding the heat created by most grain mills, giving a true grind. Heat can destroy many of the nutrient in your flour.

Fast & Easy to Use:

A cup of fine flour is produced in approximately one minute with the electric base and in just two minutes with the hand operated base. The hand operated base turn easily, even a child can turn. Large 5 cup open hopper for continues grinding.

Fast Cleanup - Dust Free - Quiet Family Grain Mill

Easily and quickly remove for cleaning. The Family Grain Mill is dust-free. The Family Grain Mill System is one of the quietest mills on the market.


Wheat, oat, corn, not popcorn) rye, spelt, kamut, barley, rice, peas, most beans, coffee, flax seeds, sesame seeds, most dried herbs, dried jalapeno’s and other hot peppers and more.


Built in Germany of the highest quality Standards, The Family Grain Mill® will give you versatility and quality that is literally unparalleled by the competition! Our system is completely modular, every attachment easily changes for a complete all in one kitchen machine!