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Flour Bagger Attachment Comparison

for the Nutrimill & WonderMill

This year there has been a little buzz about bagging flour right in your electric grain mill. This is not a new concept, people have been modifying their grain mill for a while now to mill right into a bag or bucket for quite some time now. The 2 top grain mills have come out with a Flour Bagger Accessory that performs this task with out the mess and makes the process much easier. I have made a comparison of the 2 flour baggers for your information.

Grain Mill Flour Bagger Accessory:

Nutrimill Flour Bagger

Nutrimill Flour Bagger

WonderMill Flour Bagger

WonderMill Flour Bagger
Product Cost: about $59.99 about $29.95
Bags Included: 10 bags 100 bags
Additional Bags: 10 zip-top freezer bags for $8.99
(these might work to: 250 bags for $43.54)
100 bags for $12.95
(1000 bags for $35.23)
(zip-top freezer bags: 250 bags for $39.58)
Type of Bags: Heavy duty (probably 4 mil) zip-top freezer safe bags with label area 1 mil side gusseted poly bags (not zip-top)
Dimensions of Bags: 12" x 12" with 3.5" gusseted bottom 8" x 5" x 18" with gusseted sides
Dimensions: 12'' H x 12'' W x 11'' D 6.25'' H x 8.125'' W x 8.125'' D
Weight: 3 lbs. 0.6 lbs.
# of Pieces: (5 Parts + Bags)
Mill adaptor, bagging ring, support pail, dust filter, & separator cup
(1 Part + Bags)
Bagging Canister
Website: L'Equip's Bagger Page WonderMill's Bagger Page
Capacity: Up to 20 cups of flour Up to 15 cups of flour
Compatibility: Fits any Nutrimill having a square flour outlet under the milling chamber (it will not work with earlier-production Nutrimill having a round flour outlet) Fits all models of WonderMill,
and even the old Whisper Mill

Larger capacity (by 5 cups), bags are freezer safe and resalable, bags are heavy duty and can be re-used

Better Price ($30 less), less parts to deal with, more bags included (90 more), additional bags are more affordable, stock-size bags (cheaper to buy in bulk), takes up a little less space, no assembly required (you just insert bag), and its just plain simple


Expensive, a bit bulkier, lots of parts to deal with, only 10 bag (I guess they expect us to re-use them), additional bags are expensive, bags are not a stock-size (hard to find in bulk for cheaper), doesn't fit older style Nutrimill unless you upgrade it

The bags included are not zip-top freezer bags (though you can get some), bags are less capacity (5 cups less)

My Recommendation:
If you don't have one of these grain mills already and bagging flour is important to you then I would recommend the WonderMill with its flour bagger. Even if you wanted zip-top freezer bags I would buy them separately and have enough bags to last a long time for just a little more than the Nutrimill Flour Bagger by itself with its 10 bags. If you already have a Nutrimill Grain Mill, I would suggest finding a bag distributor to get the bags in bulk because 10 bags for $9 is going to drain you wallet fast if you use the flour bagger often.

The WonderMill Flour Bagger is so simple to use, its just like using your grain mill as usual but you add a bag to the canister. From what I understand you don't need a freezer grade bag to put flour into the freezer so the cheap bags that the WonderMill gives you will work just fine, its not like flour is going to get freezer burned. To me the WonderMill Flour Bagger's pros far out weight the Nutrimill Flour Bagger's advantages.

Make Your Own Flour Bagger for the WonderMill
You can also make your own flour bagger for the WonderMill by buying the canister part (about $13) and drilling at least 4 holes in the sides of the canister. You will also need to buy bags separately, use the suggested sizes above in the comparison table.


What a wonderful idea. I hope I can get into this without having to buy a new one.

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