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Replace White Flour with Wonder Flour, Not Whole Wheat

Have you ever tried to go healthy and replaced the white flour in your cookies with whole wheat flour, I’m sure it didn’t taste as good as you had hoped. Lucky for you, there are other ways to substitute healthy flour for your white flour. One way we have used for quite a while now is Chef Brad’s Wonder Flour, he even has a gluten free version. 

It uses a combination grains and brown rice to make healthy flour that taste better than white flour but still has all the added fiber and nutrition of whole grains. This flour can be used cookies, cakes, pastries, and other comfort foods. One limitation of Wonder Flour is that it can not replace white or wheat flour in yeasted breads, other than that it should be good for use. 

How Do I Make Wonder Flour?

First off, go to: for the simple recipe, I would show it here but it is Chef Brad’s recipe and creation. We always put ingredients (brown rice and grains) in a bowl and stir with a spoon until well mixed. We then put the mixture in a container so it will be easy to whip out and dump into our grain mill as needed. Storing Wonder Flour mix as whole grains instead of a flour form will keep it from loosing its health benefits and fresh taste, as with any flour you grind. 

Using Wonder Flour

We have made several recipes replacing white flour with Wonder Flour and the results have always been wonderful. Some of the things we have tried recently is replacing white flour in cornbread, several cookies, blondies, brownies, and several more items. To use Wonder Flour, Chef Brad suggests that for every 3 cups of white flour you should use 3 ½ cups of Wonder Flour; this can be adjusted slightly if needed. 

My Wonder Flour Recipes:


After using Wonder Flour and other white flour replacements, we highly recommend Wonder Flour for its taste and performance. After you use Wonder Flour you may never use white flour again, unless you like making white bread. Just imagine; No more white flour, same great taste, and all the healthy additions you had hoped for when thinking of replacing your white flour with whole wheat four. 


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