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Don’t Motorize Your Hand Grain Mill, Combo It

Is A Motorized Hand Mill “The Best Of Both Worlds”?

Some people call a motorized hand mill “the best of both worlds” but I would disagree. I think would be better off getting a combo of an electric mill and a hand mill, let me show you why.

What Are The Negatives to Motorizing Your Hand Mill?

First off is that it is expensive, the grain mill is expensive enough with out the motorizing kit and motor you have to buy afterwards (see below for actual costs). Then there is the fact that when you motorize your hand mill it voids the warranty. And if your house is anything like mine, you really don’t have the room to have a motorized hand mill setup somewhere taking up a large amount of valuable space. Also, if you are going to use electricity or a generator, you might as well get the speed and convenience an electric grain mill can give you.

Advantages Of Getting An Electric Mill & Manual Mill Combo

The biggest advantage is that you are going to save some big bucks over motorizing your hand mill (about $150 bucks). You get to keep your warranty. You don’t have to have a space set aside for large motorized setup; you can get them out and put them away at your convenience. If you get the Wonder Junior Deluxe, you won’t even have to drill any holes to mount it. You will truly have the best of both worlds; a hand mill for emergencies and oily grains, and an electric mill that conveniently makes great flour fast with less mess.

Cost Comparison - Motorizing vs. Electric & Manual Mill Combo

Country Living Grain Hand Mill

Country Living Grain Mill

  • Motorizing Kit $350 + Country Living Grain Mill $430 = $780
  • Country Living Grain Mill $430 + Good Electric Mill $260 = $690 ($90 LESS)

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill

Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill

  • Motorizing Kit $350 + Pulley $60 + Wonder Junior Deluxe $220 = $630
  • Wonder Junior Deluxe $220 + Good Electric Mill $260 = $480 ($150 LESS)

Wonder Junior Basic Hand Mill

Wonder Junior Grain Mill

  • Motorizing Kit $350 + Pulley $60 + Wonder Junior Basic $170 = $580
  • Wonder Junior Basic $170 + Good Electric Mill $260 = $430 ($150 LESS)

Nutrimill Electric Grain Mill
WonderMill Electric Grain Mill

Side Note: What is a Good Electric Mill? A good electric grain mill would be either the WonderMill or the Nutrimill, both are about $260 and will perform wonderfully.


Whats the difference if you motorized your hand mill or not?

Motorizing your hand mill will make it so you don't have to crank the handle by hand, just flip the switch instead. A motorized mill will tend to go a little faster too.

Does motorizing it heat the grain if it is faster?

I like mine as a manual. It probably makes no difference, I just prefer it that way.

The faster you grind the warmer the milling heads get. Some people are worried that this will kill something in the flour but I'm sure its not getting supper hot like the 350 degree oven that we bake our bread in. I guess I don't see the reasoning behind keeping your flour cool while grinding, unless it is burning it. I saw that the Wonder Junior has a drill bit attachment for theirs that doesn't cost much.

I like a motorized grain mill because I just plain run out of steam. If I were a stronger woman maybe I would like it manual.

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